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Connect. Collaborate. Create.
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Connect. Collaborate. Create.

From purpose driven feature-length content to headshots and quick promotional pieces, 2Can-Media create content based on individualised needs with a collaborative framework.

Specialists in the creation of empowering film and video content for documentary and educational purposes.

Professional head shots, personal portraits or branded photography suited for individualised needs.

Illustration of an important message through character or graphic driven imagery that tells a story in a unique way.


Customisable workshops that enable you to create your own media with the support of a well-practised team.

Current Offers

Here are some of our current promotions to get your media content ready for 2018. Enquire now!  

  • Head Shots

  • $ $150
    Once Off
    • Location Choice
    • Individualised  
    • Supported  
    • Copyright Free 
    • 15 Images 
  • Promo Content

  • $ $150
    Once Off
    • 1-2 Min
    • Personalised
    • Graphic
    • Video 
    • Social Media
  • Workshops

  • $ 550
    • How To:
    • Create
    • Manage Media
    • Engage 
    • 5-Star Support
  • Your Media Team

  • $ 750
    • Video
    • Photography 
    • Social Media  
    • Content Creation
    • 5-Star Support


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Create your world. Create your vision.